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Microfiber Products


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Why Microfiber?

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It’s superior! - Whereas traditional cotton cleaning tools just simply push dirt, bacteria and other harmful chemicals around (in turn collecting more grime), microfiber not only attracts dirt, but captures it forever. Microfibers are designed exclusively for only high-quality cleaning. In fact, the fibers are split or “cracked” 10 times, which generate a positive electric charge. The dirt and dust particles contain a negative charge which makes them a perfect match for creating a strong bond to assist in cleaning hard to reach spaces.

It’s healthier! - According to the EPA, Microfiber goes above and beyond traditional mops when eliminating harmful bacteria.  Using Microfiber mops can create a 99% reduction in pre-cleaning versus just a 33% reduction when using regular cotton mops. This triples your work productivity. In turn, this saves invaluable time and helps safeguard your surfaces from future contamination.

It’s cost-effective! - Our Microfiber solutions significantly reduce the need and cost for additional cleaning material. Each year in the United States, commercial managers spend an incredible amount on cleaning costs; the amount is comparable to 1 million cars or 100,000 houses! Our Microfiber cleaning solution greatly decreases the demand of hazardous cleaning costs. This not only preserves overall health, but benefits your business financially!

It’s ecofriendly! – Aside from Microfiber being the absolute best choice for your business and employees, Microfiber is beneficial for the Earth. Using Microfiber requires fewer chemicals for an average cleaning process. According to the EPA, this lessens the amount of contaminated water entering the water stream by 95%. Additionally, there is never cross-contamination because used Microfiber mops never need to be returned to the cleaning solution.
It’s safer! - Our Microfiber solutions support human sustainability by safeguarding employee wellness. Our microfiber products eliminate the strenuous labor of constant lifting, filling, and moving of cleaning buckets, which have an average weight of 30lbs. Plus, our mops weigh 5lbs less than traditional cotton mops. This substantially reduces the risk of worker injury and compensation claims.
Microfiber mops can be laundered up to 500 times: compare that to the 55-100 times of regular mops. For example, in 1 year, a hospital could see a 60% reduction in mop costs. Plus, more mops fit in 1 load of laundry, lowering water, detergent, and energy usage!
Because of Microfiber’s increased efficiency and efficacy, you can experience water and chemical savings as much as 90%-95% per day, according to the EPA’s statistics.
Using Microfiber reduces fatigue while increasing square footage coverage and results in fewer trips to change water/solution. In 1 year a hospital could see 20% average custodial labor savings per day. When combined with the mop cost savings, it can be more than $7000 per year, per custodian!